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Dr. Johnathan Storlie

Dr. Storlie is a Spring Grove native and the Heritage Center’s genetic genealogist and videographer. In addition to genealogy, he assists people in analyzing their Promethease reports, identifying the causes of ailments, and helping people to live a proactive lifestyle based upon their unique genome. He also teaches genetics, microbiology, immunology, and other health-related college courses. Dr. Storlie earned a PhD with a specialty in human virology. He also earned his Masters with a specialty in Ontology, or the study of the phenomenon of Being and its stewardship.

Johnathan Storlie

Oral Historian and Project Intern

The deadline has been extended for applications. GOTE Oral History RFP April 9 2018 (PDF) Giants of The Earth Heritage Center, Spring Grove, MN Contract Positions (2): Oral Historian and Project Intern Norwegian Ridge Oral

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Ellul on Propaganda

“Cast out of the disintegrating microgroups of the past, such as family, church, or village, the individual is plunged into mass society and thrown back upon his own inadequate resources, his isolation, his loneliness, his

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Human Spirituality and Neoteny

Some of the latest genetic research on neoteny suggests that humans–and the very powerful institutions that govern them–have preferentially selected for the survival of more childlike humans over thousands of years. This is exhibited in

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Exercise Motivational Quotes

A foreign lady once remarked to the wife of a Spartan commander that the women of Sparta were the only women in the world who could rule men. “We are the only women who raise

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Contagion Review

A recent movie, Contagion, brings up a number of variables which parents, community leaders, and pretty much every other mature adult should be aware of. Briefly, the science is quite good compared to most previous movies

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Site Usage Statistics and Demographic

Celebrate with us the success of our enterprise. (11/05/2011-12/04/2011) 7264 visitors to giantsoftheearth.org/www.trueheritage.org website last month! 2245 Giants FB active users this past month (FB insights)! 1705 trueheritage.org FB active users this month (since started

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