Every inch of space, inside and out needed attention. From the roof to the foundation.

To preserve Spring Grove's historic building and improve its accessibility, energy efficiency, and infrastructure. Giants of the Earth Spring Grove Heritage Center is undergoing a top-to-bottom renovation.


  • New Elevator
  • New Video/Sound Recording Studio
  • New Full Kitchen
  • Updated HVAC
  • Updated Plumbing
  • Flatten/replace floor
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Renovate stairs
  • New Concrete in Parking Area

Lower Level

  • Full appointed kitchen for events and caterers 
  • Mechanical Room for elevator
  • Video/Sound Recording Studio 
  • Restroom

Main Level

  • Office
  • Gift Shop
  • Immigrant Hall
  • Welcome Center
  • Deck & Garden Area
  • Restroom

2nd Level

  • Elevator Access
  • Renovate Exhibit Space
  • Restroom

3rd Level

  • Elevator Access
  • Renovate Exhibit Space

Capital Campaign Contribution

Capital Campaign Contributions over $2500 will receive special honors 

Support our Capital Campaign to renovate Giants of the Earth—help us bring it into ADA compliance. Donations over $2,500 will receive special honors. Each donation of $2,500 will allow the name of an immigrant from one’s family to be painted in gold leaf on the Immigrants wall in Immigration Hall.

There are many ways to give to our #uplifting fundraiser!

  1. Stop into our gift shop with a check, cash, or credit/debit gift between 10 am-5 pm Monday through Saturday.
  2. Mail your donation to us: PO Box 223, Spring Grove, MN 55974
  3. Use the PayPal link in this section to donate.
  4. Visit and donate to our GoFundMe Page.   
  5. Larger gifts spread over time: call our Community Outreach Coordinator, Rachel Storlie (507-458-1255), to discuss multi-year giving options! This type of giving enables individual, group, or business donors an opportunity to sponsor an upper floor exhibit room.
  6. New to Giants are appreciated stock options! A wonderful opportunity to work with our broker to make your favorable stock investments pay off for our community, with NO capital gains. Please call Karen at 507-450-1373 to set it up!

$625,000 Goal

We're Getting Closer! Thank You For #Uplifting Giants


Thank You for your Contributions!

Capital Campaign Contributors

  • Lee and Louise Sundet 
  • Mike and Beth Dvergsten
  • Glenn Kinneberg
  • Dianne Enger Snell
  • Rebecca Splittstoesser
  • Roger Tollefsrud 
  • Wendi Storhoff
  • Cindy Cj Huber
  • Charles and Susan Bucheit
  • Chambers Trust John A. Wyman Trustee
  • Ove Gilbertson
  • Dennis and Sandy Kuester
  • JC and Darla Nerstad
  • Charlie and Candyce Sylling 
  • Greg and Jacque Wennes
  • William and Susan Brock Charitable Fund
  • Mike and Beth Stevens
  • Bill and Karen Fried
  • J. Young
  • Juliana Hoiseth
  • Kari Garratt
  • Nora Beckjord
  • Nenette Onstad
  • Dorothy Loonan
  • Thomas Vaaler
  • Rachel Storlie
  • Larry Vongroven
  • Bruce Willis
  • David and VJ Anderson
  • Gary and Susan Brevig
  • Carol Nerstad
  • Mary Ann and Dan Thurmer
  • Julie Johnson Hoiseth
  • Thomas Trehus
  • Jane Peck
  • Beth Ellingson Pederson
  • Melanie Schmidt Smith
  • Megan Miller
  • Dee Weingartner Bradley Grimsrud
  • Scott and Amy Sanders
  • Lara Wold-Mendez
  • Nicci Ranzenberger
  • Tatiana Deters
  • Lila Solberg Burmeister
  • Angie Halverson
  • Annette Evenson
  • Susan Engen
  • Kristine Kopperud
  • Sharen Haugerud Storhoff
  • Lane Zaffke
  • Steve Kemp
  • Kjersti Fried
  • Andrew and Lauren Sylling
  • Sarah Marie Vallandingham
  • Tom and Janet Blexrud
  • Kristine Kopperud
  • Sharen Haugerud Storhoff
  • Lane Zaffke
  • Steve Kemp
  • Kjersti Fried
  • Andrew and Lauren Sylling
  • Sarah Marie Vallandingham
  • Tom and Janet Blexrud
  • Rosaaen Olson
  • Paul and Linda Strand
  • Eric Frydenlund
  • Fritz and Lynda Morlock
  • Alton Newgaard
  • Timothy Murphy, Esq.
  • Andrew and Carrie Gray Family Fund
  • Alan and Janell Thorson
  • George and Alliene Schrimper
  • James A. Wilhelmson
  • Marjorie E. Parkos
  • Phyllis Stevenson
  • Scott and Ann Sanness
  • Sue Shepard and Don Helgeson
  • Arnie and Naomi Wiste
  • Edith and Wm Tempte
  • Johnathan Doering – Thrivent Financial

Multi-Year Commitment Contributors

  • Karen and Jim Gray
  • Mike and Diane Schmidt
  • Bill and Karen Fried
  • Mary and Howard Deters
  • Gerry Deters

Gift Matching up to $30,000 by Giants’ Board, Visionary Council Members and Staff

  • Lee Grippen 
  • Jill Storlie
  • Mike and Diane Schmidt
  • Rachel Storlie
  • Greg Wennes
  • Thomas Trehus

Take a Look Inside the 2020-2022 Renovation Process

Renovation Process—Exterior Accomplishments, 2020-2022

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