History of the Spring Grove Church Organizations

Spring Grove, Minnesota, March 1933 (A Scanned Book)


Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • First Church
  • Reque, Rev. and Mrs. Styrk S.
  • Johnson, Rev. Alfred O.
  • Johnson, Mrs. Alfred O.
  • Trinity N.E.L. Church
  • Spring Grove Ladies’ Aid Society
  • Bethlehem Ladies’ Aid Society
  • St. John’s Ladies’ Aid Society
  • Dorcas Society
  • St. Paul’s Ladies’ Aid Society
  • Zion Ladies’ Aid Society
  • St. Peter’s Ladies’ Aid Society
  • Women’s Missionary Federation, Local Unit
  • Spring Grove Church Auxiliary
  • Parochial School
  • Greeting to the Aids, Rev. Johnson


Had the history of the Ladies’ Aids of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America and of their activities been chronicled, and the activities of these organizations with their beginning and steady growth been preserved to their posterity, it would have been of inestimable value to the generations that are to come.

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