Howard Burtness Kensington Runestone Cryptography

Join historian Howard Burtness as he explains the secret cryptography found in the Kensington Runestone, which is currently in a museum in Alexandria, MN, and other Norse runestones. Howard covers the research of Alf Monge and Ole Landsverk. He shows how the perpetual calendar, based on the Julian  calendar and the Easter Tables are critical keys for decrypting the dating of the Kensington Runestone, which was created on Sunday, April 24, 1362 by Harrek. Howard also discusses the Newport Tower in Rhode Island.

Mural at Kensington Runestone Museum

The Kensington Runestone Reads:

1. We are 8 Goths and 22 Norsemen on

2. a voyage of exploration from

3. Vinland through/towards the west. We

4. had a camp by two [rocks protruding from the water of the lake] one

5. days travel north from this stone

6. and fished one day After

7. we came home found 10 men red

8. with blood and dead. Ave Virgo Maria.

9. Save us from evil

10. We have 10 men at the ocean to look

11. after our ships 14 days travel

12. from this island. Year: 1362.

Kensington Runestone
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