Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to the following donors who have donated to our Annual Fund

Dave and Carol Alstad
Beverly Anderson
David and VJ Anderson
Lee and Lori Anderson
Richard Asinger
Lowell Bjoraker
Jean Borgerding
Nick Nguyen and Dana Burtness
Dr. Dale and Sharon Buxengaard
Jeffrey and Marlis Carter
Kay Kapps Cross
Craig and Ellen Cutting
John Dahle
Emilio and Monica DeGrazia
Lorilyn Dehning
Sallie DeReus
Howard and Mary Deters
Arlen and Janice Doely
Brit Eddy
Chuck and Audrey Ellingson
Jeff and Sue Engen
Donna and Duane Erickson
Eric and Debra Evenson
James and Jerilyn Forde
Janet Fossum
Bill and Karen Fried
Lawrence and Judy Fruechte
Spring Grove United Fund
Thomas and Shirley Gerard
Carrie Gray
Jim and Karen Gray
Eric and Barbara Greenfeldt
Dan Griffin
Kenneth and Muriel Gunderson
Leigh Gunderson
Cletus Hanson
Don Hanson
Marie Hanson
Jim and Ellen Heinecke
Terry Holland
Mengis Funeral Home
Dave and Holly Jorde
Travis and Shirley Jorde
David and Gail Judisch
Jay and Kris Kamrath
Bob Kierlin
Paul Langland
David and Diane Lorenz
Vivien Mathsen
Patty McManimon-Moe
Allan and Lois Morken
Len and Janna Myrah
Gerald and Andrea Nelson
Alton Newgaard
Ron Nowland
Diane Oertel
Jeffrey and Marsha Olson
Rosaaen Olson
Ted Olson
Milford Omodt
Jacqueline Parker
Joann Parker
Randall and Lynn Parker
Marjorie Parkos
Ann Pietryga
Ozzie Quandahl
Robert and Andrea Richards
Brent Roble
Brian Roverud
Beverly Saboe
Terry Sagdalen
Scott and Amy Sanders
Mike and Diane Schmidt
Shooting Star Native Seeds
William O. Smith
Dianne Enger Snell
Megan Miller Terri Sontag
Col. George Stenehjem
Mike and Beth Stevens
Rebecca Splittsoesser
Chris and Rhonda Storlie
Paul and Linda Strand
David and Lynn Susag
Charles and Candace Sylling
Ron Sylling
Bill and Louise Temte
Alan and Janell Thorson
O. Jay Tomson
Bingham Family Charitable Trust
Paul and Ruth Tweeten
Rosemarie Ulven
Thomas and Juanita Vaaler
Larry Vongroven
Norma Wangsness
Mary Wagner
Kyle and Heather Weigle
Donald Wendel
Dean and Sue Wiste
Connie Witkowski
David and Jeanne Wright

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