Giant Legacy Society

We are pleased to honor and recognize individuals who believe in leaving a portion of their estate to this institution that they supported during their lifetime.

We call this group of folks the Giant Legacy Society.

These monies can be a specific amount or a percentage of an estate. They can be designated for a specific program the individual was involved in and wants to support, such as Genealogy or Oral Histories, or it can be designated to the institution to use as it sees fit. In either case, the Board has governed that 40% of the gift will go into the Endowment Fund, 40% to debt reduction, if any (or if not, then to the appropriate area), and 20% for current operating expense.

The future for most non-profit organizations, as it most likely will be for Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, is heavily dependent on the generosity of its members who continue to provide support to the institution after their death…through designating a gift in their will to the Heritage Center.

We thank all for their consideration to join the Giant Legacy Society. If there are questions regarding how to do this, we would be pleased to arrange for professional assistance.

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