Barry Wold – Vietnam Vet

Barry Wold—Spring Grove Vietnam Veteran

Charles Kuralt was actually “embedded” with Barry Wold’s outfit in Vietnam during the war. We don’t have video of Barry talking about the relatively serious action he saw in Vietnam, including serious firefights where Barry’s marksmanship helped to save a lot of his fellow Americans. We don’t have video of him talking about some of the North Korean atrocities he witnessed while on the DMZ in Korea, or of the work his outfit did to help a Korean orphanage. Barry could be a good listener and some stories he heard and shared with returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan helped them to better cope with the horrors of war. Just when we were going to tape some of Barry’s stories, he fell ill with cancer. Sadly, Barry passed away on November 18, 2013. He will be remembered fondly by so many in the Spring Grove and Mabel communities.

Barry Wold Childhood and Early life

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