3. Emotional Heritage

Dr. Johnathan Storlie

Dr. Storlie is a Spring Grove native and the Heritage Center’s genetic genealogist and videographer. In addition to genealogy, he assists people in analyzing their Promethease reports, identifying the causes of ailments, and helping people to live a proactive lifestyle based upon their unique genome. He also teaches genetics, microbiology, immunology, and other health-related college courses. Dr. Storlie earned a PhD with a specialty in human virology. He also earned his Masters with a specialty in Ontology, or the study of the phenomenon of Being and its stewardship.

Johnathan Storlie

Oral Historian and Project Intern

The deadline has been extended for applications. GOTE Oral History RFP April 9 2018 (PDF) Giants of The Earth Heritage Center, Spring Grove, MN Contract Positions (2): Oral Historian and Project Intern Norwegian Ridge Oral

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Human Spirituality and Neoteny

Some of the latest genetic research on neoteny suggests that humans–and the very powerful institutions that govern them–have preferentially selected for the survival of more childlike humans over thousands of years. This is exhibited in

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Conscious Stewardship vs. FAPs

One of the hallmarks of a community that maintains sustainable stewardship practices is that the community is made up of a higher than average number of individuals who make conscious rational decisions. Community stewardship is thus

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Emotional Intelligence

Think about the role of emotional intelligence as you read the diaries and letters of your ancestors. Feel free to comment or create your own posts to share letters, diary excerpts, or memories here which

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