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Public Speech

Professors & Pastors at Synod in Spring Grove in 1899

Under this heading we intend to include local and national sermons, writings, and public speeches and writings that are designed for society–the Gesellshaft. They are part of our heritage. They may or may not have been written to fulfill a demand in the marketplace for particular representations, but they are generally not offensive to those who have a superficial understanding of the Being. As such they are classified as exoterica, or belonging to the public realm. They are contrasted with esoterica, or secret teaching, which is reserved for a smaller community, or an inner circle.

Exoterical: appropriate for being delivered to the public because it is readily comprehendable, usually at a literal level. Frequently, it is designed to tell people what they want to hear or justify conceptual representations they already have. It can be used for good or ill.

Here is room to share the public teachings of our ancestors. This page can be used to add prominant sermons or speeches from our history. Please email me your transcribed historical sermons.

Religious Exoterica-this will have its own set of pages.

1.Local Sermons

2.Local Writings

3.Influential Sources

Exoteric Speech in our Polis-this will have its own set of pages.

1. Political Speeches

2. Political Writings

3. Rhetorical sources

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